Ivey Family Tracker

42,870 Ivey Records
(Newly Updated in 2014)

After 40 years of reseach on Ivey / Ivy lines in the United States, 42,870 record summaries are now available for your geneological research.  Previous Ivey books provided some suggested Ivey relationships but they failed to include source documents.  Now you can obtain source information, suggested relationships, and a powerful viewing program which can help you prove your own family line.  Click on the VIEW RECORDS  bar to see a sample of  ways records can be viewed.  Click on the ORDER RECORDS bar to download  the records to your computer at no cost.  Through this Web Site you are invited to share additional records you might have or suggestions on relationships.  Although my records contain all Ivey lines, I am particularly interested on receiving information on my Ivey line which is James Ivey, 1820 Will, Marlboro County South Carolina.  His wife is Mourning, his sons Megirt, Curtis, Isaiah (my line), Micajah, Joseph, and James, and his daughters Mary Kersey, Sarah Blackwell and ____ Proctor.

If you download the software and records it will provide you with:

  • Documented Source of Individual Records
  • A viewing program that allows the lookup of records by first name, or county records.
  • Over half the records tied to other individual, sibling, spouse, and parent records.
  • Most major record sources included such as 1790 to 1900 federal census Ivey records.